The Daily

Atlanta Reformer Pilates and Group Fitness Studio


What is Pilates?

A highly focused total-body workout using spring-loaded resistance and body-weight exercises. Whether on the mat or with our new, ultramodern Allegro 2 reformers, Pilates emphasizes core engagement, proper posture, and strengthening the body as a whole. Exercises recruit smaller, often neglected muscles during movements ensuring no individual muscle group is overworked, helping prevent injury and bulkiness.


Who is Pilates for? 

Everyone. Become more efficient at whatever you do with a more symmetrical body and stronger core. The Daily offers personalized sample weekly programs for every client to help you succeed. 

The Runner: Whether you’re a competitive runner or an occasional jogger, The Daily’s classes can help you run farther and faster with less chance of injury. Pilates aims to correct imbalances from poor body mechanics by strengthening the muscles symmetrically, while also improving the runner’s technique through core development.

Monday - Short Run
Tuesday - THE DAILY Remix
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Running Intervals
Friday - Rest
Saturday - THE DAILY sculpt
Sunday - Long Run 



The Yogi: For the ultimate mind/body experience, yogis will develop a noticeable improvement in their practice with greater flexibility, balance and coordination.

Monday - Yoga
Tuesday - Yoga
Wednesday - Cardio Pilates
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Yoga
Saturday - THE DAILY sculpt
Sunday - Yoga


The CrossFitter: Pilates compliments the competitive athlete’s program by enhancing performance, resulting in stronger cores, better trunk stability, greater flexibility, and decreased back, neck, and joint pain. You know you need it.

Monday - WOD
Tuesday - THE DAILY foundations
Wednesday - WOD
Thursday - WOD
Friday - THE DAILY sculpt
Saturday - WOD
Sunday - Rest


The Cyclist: Adding Pilates to an endurance enthusiast’s arsenal makes for a better ride. Stretch your way to greater range of motion, increase endurance through controlled breathing techniques, and improve spine health and posture with some killer core exercises. Get to the top of that power board!

Monday - Cycle
Tuesday - THE DAILY foundations
Wednesday - Cycle
Thursday - THE DAILY remix
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Cycle
Sunday - THE DAILY sculpt