Game Tips & Strategies

Online craps can be a very different experience than land casino craps, but not necessarily a less fun one. In fact, gambling online could well be seen as a smarter decision. Craps is notorious for being an exciting game and with all the screaming and screaming comes a pretty healthy dose of distraction. Coupled with the fact that craps is a game where money is quickly moving towards and away from you and you have a ton of trouble on your hands. On the other hand, when you play online craps you can take control of some of these variables.

First, look at the environment. The craps environment in a land-based casino is based on a small party at the table. With craps, unlike most, if not all, other casino games, you can play along with the other players at the table. If one person wins, everyone who makes that bet wins. This is how you get camaraderie and the feeling of being on a team or at a party. For many people this is the be-all and end-all of craps, for others it is the be-all and end-all of making money. For these people, online craps may be your best bet. Online craps games still have a little time before they can simulate the craziness of a land-based casino, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

At home, you can control your own environment. You only drink when you want (you sure have a choice in a land-based casino, but when free drinks are offered and brought to you it’s often harder to say no), you don’t have many gorgeous, low cut women anywhere where you sell alcohol. The point, of course, is that while the land-based casinos will distract you, online craps cannot do the same. Your sitting (you can only sit at a casino craps table if you are disabled or have more money than the casino itself) in your most comfortable armchair, with a nice refreshing drink, maybe some relaxing or uplifting music. You can choose. You can play the game surrounded by distraction in the quietest environment, that you can imagine. This is an advantage.

To fully understand this inherent advantage of online craps, you probably need to try it out for yourself. If you’ve never played casino craps before, getting your first experience online isn’t a bad idea as the intimidation factor isn’t quite as high. So give it a try! Sit down and come to the table! Most online casinos offer free craps games. So you haven’t wagered any real money unless of course you want to.